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Created on 2009-05-05 19:23:49 (#297495), last updated 2011-08-26 (320 weeks ago)

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Name:Panic At The Disco Slash
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Panic At The Disco Slash!
Work in progress


This is a Panic at the Disco Slash community. It's a place to post your fanfiction... so, fics are the reason we opened it, however graphics, photos, icons, discussion, and so on, are accepted and welcomed. We know that soon there will be other communities just for daily picspams and icons or such so maybe then we could consider if keep only fics here or not ;)


01. This is a Real Person Slash (RPS) community: it’s about musicians and man on man love. We know this is just for fun and not real and we respect everyone and their life. If you have problems with all this, please leave now. Flames, trolling or picking fights on purpose won’t be accepted and you will be removed from the community for such behavior.

02. Flames towards girlfriends/lovers won’t be tolerated. Please remember this is just fiction and you have to respect the guys' real lives.

03. Please lock the post with a rating over “PG13”. This mean that in order to see these post you’ll have to join the community.

04. Photos, fanfics, graphics, discussion etc. are welcome as long as they are PATD related and if it's something slashy is better. Obviously one of them with someone outside the band is allowed ;).

05. Please, no useless posts. We don’t need to read “Brendon and Ryan totally love each other!” “I wanna marry Spencer!” etc. We already know that, so when you post make sure it’s about something interesting please :)

06. Cut is our best friend. Big pics (or more than 2 pics), icons (more than 3) and fanfics need a cut. Also manips, drawings or other material not work-safe must be put under a cut with a warning. {to make a cut <*cut text="blablabla">your post here without the *}

07. Rules for posting fanfics: Always use a header with a disclaimer [More details here] Please, if you post a chaptered fanfic, put a link to previous chapters, it makes things easier for other members ;). We will try and create memories and tag for all the chaptered fanfic too but that could take a few days. Also, please try to use correct grammar/spelling. We know it’s not easy, but mistakes ruin a good fanfic and make it hard to read. Use a spell checker or (even better) ask for a beta: we’re sure there will be someone more than happy to help you out ;)

08. Please, if you want to advertise/pimp something (a post, a new community, whatever…) ASK the maintainers first. Don’t pimp totally un-related communities. No Spam.

.::Affiliates and Credits::.

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+ Layout by [personal profile] alexandra. Customized by [personal profile] chainer_morgana.
+ Header by [personal profile] chainer_morgana


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